Privacy Policy

Last update: January 2021

This informative note is addressed to you because you are a visitor on our site. Its purpose is to inform you in an accessible and concise manner about personal data processing when you access or when you use certain instruments on this site and it also covers your interaction with us on our Social Media pages. 

This note does not present our privacy policy to its full extent. 

Because we treasure the protection of your personal data, we have detailed internal rules concerning the secure processing of your personal data under different circumstances. For example, if you participate in one of our events and it is necessary for us to collect certain personal data about you, you will be informed about this specific process. Should you have any questions about the way we process your personal data, we welcome you to write to us by using the contact information found below. 

Personal data is processed through and on the CIJ Social Media pages by the Center for Independent Journalism Foundation in its quality as the data operator. You can contact us in writing at the address: Boulevard Elisabeta no.32, 1st floor, Sector 5, Bucharest, Romania or on email, at:

We process your personal data for our non-commercial purpose, namely to achieve our statutory objectives and goals, of which you can read more here. Therefore, the legal basis of the processing is that of our legitimate interest to carry out and promote our activity as a non-governmental organization, including through a functional site and through interaction with the public. In regard to the newsletter and the Social Media interaction, your consent is the legal basis for the processing. 

What data do we collect?

When you access our site, we collect data regarding IP, article views, view time, data which is only available to us and which we store for 12 months. The analysis of this data is done through Google Analytics according to its own privacy policy that we encourage you to read. 

If you subscribe to our newsletter, we will need your email address and your name. By subscribing you express your consent, which you can retract whenever by unsubscribing. Once you have unsubscribed, any data we collected about you shall be deleted. Should your email address and name not lead to your identification, we will not collect extensive data that would allow your identification. We are the sole receivers of this data. We use Mailchimp in order to send out our newsletter and we advise you to read their own privacy policy too. 

Our site uses cookies. If you wish to find out general information about how they work and what they are used for, you can access: We have installed the CookieBot application in order to offer you ease of access to the cookies that we use on, where you can read more details about them and set your preference. Out of respect to you, the initial setting only allows cookies which are necessary to the optimal functioning of our site. 

If you follow us on Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube), we collect data regarding your interaction with us (comments, likes), with your consent, which you can withdraw at anytime. We are the sole operator of this data. However, the online platforms also collect personal data for their purposes and have their own privacy policy, which we advise you to read.

If you choose to support us through a donation by filling out the forms on the site, and Paypal are the platforms that will collect your personal data (name, address, city, country, e-mail, phone number, bank account) according to their own privacy policies that you can consult. The same process is in place for donations via, Bursa Binelui, Benevity, Patreon, or directly to CIJ’s bank account. In respect to donations through these platforms, as well as those done through the bank, we have access to the data made available to us by these entities, but we will not carry out our own data processing unless it is required for the purpose of financial reports, under legal basis of legal obligations and only when these obligations exist. Should this be the case, the data will be stored as long as the Foundation functions, and the receivers of this data will be us and other authorities to which we might have the obligation to report. 

We do not have the intention to transfer your personal data to any third-parties or international organizations, nor do we subject your personal data to any automated process, including user profile creation. Should there arise the necessity for us to process your personal data for any other purposes than the ones declared upon collection of the data, we will inform you of it beforehand. 


Concerning your personal data, we inform you that you have the right to demand access to it, to demand its rectification, deletion and restriction of processing. You also have the right to oppose the data processing and the right to portability of data. If you would like more information about your right, you can read the General Data Protection Regulation found here: You may also consult the Romanian legislation on the page of The National Supervisory Authority For Personal Data Processing, at this link: This is the regulatory body that you can address if you consider that we have infringed on your rights, but we are certain that we can come to a solution amiably. 

Finally, we assure you that the security of your data is a very important issue for us and we take all the necessary measures to this end. Should there be a security breach that could affect your data, we shall inform you of it as soon as possible.