Expanding Anonymous Tipping

The project Widely Expanding Anonymous Tipping Technology Deployment, Operation, and Trustworthiness to Combat Corruption in Eastern and Southern Europe (EAT) creates and operationalizes technologically guaranteed anonymous whistleblowing mechanisms serving companies and public agencies in 11 EU countries*. By deploying the technology, EAT brings the power of whistleblowing to the battle against public and private-sector corruption. By evolving the technology, EAT improves functionality of the tools which assist law enforcement and managers ensure employees comply with anti-fraud regulations and violators are caught. EAT contributes to a lower general level of corruption, from which the public at large will benefit.

*Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Croatia, Slovakia, Italy, Malta, Spain, Czechia, and Cyprus.


EAT provides whistleblowers with a technological guarantee of anonymity, expanding the power whistleblowing can exert in the battle against corruption

  • Prepare a GlobaLeaks “package” (a software installer) which can easily be “run” (installed) into a virtual server in the cloud
  • Customise the instances as needed
  • Identify 275 beneficiary institutions (25/country)
  • Define questionnaire format(s) to be embedded in GlobaLeaks instances for each country
  • Identify, train fraud officer(s) for each of 25 beneficiary institutions in each country
  • Manage operation of 25 GlobaLeaks instances for each country

EAT awards investigative journalism bursaries – compete, award, and see implemented and published (in local media with maximum-available domestic reach) 21 investigative journalism bursaries

Publication of study about EAT

You can find the platform here.

Project duration:

February 2019 – December 2020

Project leader: Fibgar (Spania)

Partners of the project: 

Blueprint for Free Speech e.V. (Germania), Riparte Il Futuro (Italia), Associazione Hermes (Italia), Diethnis Diafaneia Ellas Association (Grecia), Media Development Center (Bulgaria), Oziveni (Cehia), Cyprus Integrity Forum (Cipru), atlatszo.hu Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. (Ungaria)

Project funded by: the European Comission