State of Romanian Mass-Media, 2020

The Romanian media has grown organically, with little care for sustainable development and without long term objectives. In a continuous relationship of love and hatred with politics, often financially dependent on it, and sometimes with obscure funding, the Romanian press goes through a new period of change, generated both by access to technology and new economic conditions.

We carry out a study on the main problems of the media in Romania in 2020. The CJI team analyzes the problems faced by both media business and journalists, their needs and possible solutions, as they are seen by media professionals. Managers, publishers and journalists from local and central media were interviewed by the CJI team, in order to establish a clear image of the Romanian media landscape in 2020.

The study ”State of Romanian Mass-Media, 2020” can be accessed here

Project duration:

September 2019 – March 2020

Partner of the project: Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Romania