Pioneering Anti-SLAPP Training for Freedom of Expression (PATFox)

SLAPPs (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) have been recognised as one of the main threats to freedom of expression in Europe. More than 200,000 EU citizens, supported by over 170 civil society organisations, have called on the European Commission to develop legislation against SLAPPs, as most countries do not collect data on SLAPP lawsuits, and European jurisprudence does not yet formally recognise the concept of SLAPP1. The PATFox project aims to help countries that are vulnerable to this type of litigation to protect freedom of expression. 

What the project aims to do

To bring together experts from the 11 European countries in order to create a theoretical basis of information and advice that could be later used by lawyers involved in SLAPP cases, with 10-20 lawyers from each partner country participating in workshops where they will learn about the techniques and strategies needed in SLAPP cases and then apply them in court.

What activities we will be carrying out

Materials developed as part of the project:

The presentation used at the trainings for lawyers:

Project time frame: 2022-2023


  • Fundación Internacional Baltasar Garzon (FIBGAR)  – Spain
  • Blueprint for Free Speech – Germany.
  • Fondatsiya Tsentar Za Razvitie Na Mediite (MDC) – Bulgaria
  • Gong – Croatia
  • Cyprus University of Technology – Cyprus
  • Független Médiaközpont (CIJ) – Hungary
  • Aditus Foundation – Malta
  • – Poland
  • Memo98 – Slovakia
  • Open – Slovenia

Co-funded by the European Commission